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Bonus Draw - Hospice Lottery
Win up to £5,000

The Bonus Draw

The Bonus Draws replace the weekly draw on the first Friday of May and November each year. Any players who would usually be in the weekly draw will automatically be entered into the Bonus Draws instead with the opportunity to win an additional £5,000 guaranteed prize.

Players that pay a £5 monthly, £15 quarterly, £30 biannually and £60 annual subscription will also be able to accumulate up to four additional entries into each Bonus Draw, provided that all scheduled payments are made in the six months preceding the Bonus Draws.

If a player joins part way through the six-month period or a scheduled payment is missed, this will affect how many Bonus Draw entries they accumulate.

If a player cancels their subscription before funds are allocated to the Bonus Draws, any additional funds that they have accrued will be allocated into subsequent weekly draws (or be returned to them in accordance with our Terms and Conditions).

When players participate in the Bonus Draws, the funds raised go directly to supporting our partner charities and the valuable services they provide in their local community. These charities play a vital role in caring for individuals and families during challenging times, offering support, comfort, and specialised care when it’s needed most.

“Your support helps our partner charities to continue their specialist care for many friends, family and neighbours in the local community. Thank you so much for caring, you are amazing!” Belinda Ellis, CEO of The Hospice Lottery Partnership

For any further queries about your subscription, please contact us by email or phone us on 01442 891459.