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Hospice Lotteries are subject to age limits

To enter the weekly lottery and play by subscription you must be 18 or over.
If you wish to purchase entries for our Superdraws, you will also need to be 18 or over.

How the draw is made

For all draws except Rollover, randomly generated numbers are compared to allocated player and single ticket numbers and matched until the final prize is awarded.

For the Rollover draw. if the randomly generated number does not match a player or single ticket, the prize will rollover each week.

Information about prizes

Each week there is a first prize of £1,000, three prizes of £100, thirty prizes of £20, eighty prizes of £10, plus our Rollover prize of £200 which can roll up by £200 a week to £10,000.

The Rollover is a separate draw to the main prize draw and includes all players who have not won the first prize.

The prize allocated to this draw is currently £200 per week, accumulating in further £200 lots until won. If it reaches a total of £10,000, then the jackpot becomes a guaranteed prize and is drawn as per the process listed above. Our homepage will tell you what the current total stands at.

As a result of our supporters’ suggestions, in order to encourage a higher Rollover prize, we have a pre-set 5% chance of it being won. However, as the number is randomly selected, it can still be won any week

Your chances of winning

The chances of winning The Hospice Lottery, based on recent returns, are:

£1,000 = 42,000  to 1

Rollover = 949,999 to 1

Any Prize = 368 to 1

Superdraw = 25,000 to 1

These figures are estimated using current player numbers and actual figures may vary slightly as it depends on the eventual number of participants. These approximate figures may change and can be updated at any time.

How our Lottery proceeds are spent

In the last financial year, we received £2.33m in income (£2.25 million in ticket sales) with 63% donated to our partner charities; 7% went into the prize fund, with 17% spent on sales and marketing (inc recruiting new players) and 13% covering our administrative costs.

Our partner charities are:

Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Harlington Hospice in Harlington, Middlesex

Michael Sobell Hospice in Northwood, Middlesex

Raise, West Herts Hospitals Charity in Watford

Rennie Grove Hospice Care incorporating a Hospice at Home Service (in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire) and a Day Hospice in St Albans

South Bucks Hospice in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

The Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

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