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Superdraw Raffle

We have launched our Summer Superdraw Raffle! Play in support of our partner charities and you could be the lucky winner of one of our great prizes.

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There are 135 guaranteed cash prizes to be won every week in the weekly draw!

First Prize of £1,000 | Four prizes of £25 | 130 prizes of £10

PLUS our £500 Rollover Prize (which could reach a maximum of £10,000)

AND a Bonus Draw twice a year with an additional prize of £5,000

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Important information about our lottery

During 2022/23, we received £2.1m in income (£2 million from lottery ticket sales and the rest from donations) with 58.4% donated to our Owner Partner Charities (55% was donated to our Associate Partner Charities); 7.5% went into the prize fund, 14.5% was spent on sales & marketing (including recruiting new players), and 19.6% was spent on administrative costs.