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Flabbergasted Rollover winner makes donation back to hospices

Ms Grahame – Rollover winner

“Flabbergasted” was the word a delighted Nicola Grahame from Windsor used when she heard she had won the £10,000 rollover prize in The Hospice Lottery weekly draw on February 2020.

The Rollover prize started at £200 back in March 2019 and wasn’t won for 50 weeks in succession, building the jackpot by £200 increments every week up to its maximum total of £10,000 when it was won by a very surprised Nicola.

When Nicola found out that she had won the Rollover prize, she said that Friday 21 February was already a special date in her household as it is the date of both her son and father’s birthdays.

Nicola knows only too well about hospice care, when a close family friend was cared for by her local hospice and she decided to play in The Hospice Lottery to support this wonderful care.

When presented with the £10,000 cheque, Nicola said that she would be donating some of the money back to help her local hospices as well as sharing it with family members.

“It’s an honour to have heard from such a worthwhile cause and to have the opportunity to give something back. Thank you again for the money, it has provided us with some much needed security at this time of such uncertainty.”