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All our supporters are amazing and we would like to say a big thank you to you all for helping to raise funds for local hospice care. We would also like to recognise those people that very generously donate back their winnings or make a separate donation on top of their Lottery purchase.

Last year our supporters funded a total of £1.2 millon of hospice care in the local community and incredibly £72,817 was from additional donations.

These donations come in all shapes and sizes, from a few pounds up to and including the weekly top prize of £1,000.  We also have supporters who raise funds in other wonderful ways:

Mr Smith, who has been a supporter for 17 years, has a passion for building beautifully intricate, accurate in every detail, scale models of Royal coaches (like the one pictured). Mr Smith travels around the country displaying them and giving talks and even exhibited at Windsor Castle. The fee he charges for these talks raised over £500 in the last year, and Mr Smith very kindly donated the money to The Hospice Lottery.

These extra donations have meant even more funds go to our partner charities and we are all so truly grateful.