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Generous Superdraw winner gives to his family and The Hospice Lottery

Mr Clarke – Superdraw winner

Our lovely Winter Superdraw winner Mr Clarke was quite speechless when he found out he had won the top prize of £2,000.  He plays several lotteries and never wins anything, so he was totally surprised by his win. However, he was slightly put out that because of the Covid Lockdown, he was unable to pay his cheque in right away.

Mr Clarke’s wife sadly passed away 34 years ago but his nine Great Grandchildren are his life now. He doesn’t get to see them often as they are spread out from Aberdeen in Scotland to New York, USA, but he said, “I am so happy to use some of the money to start them all with bank accounts which I will contribute to on their birthdays and Christmases to come.”

He has also kindly donated back an incredibly generous amount back to The Hospice Lottery as a Thank You. This will help our Partner Charities even more.