We’re making some exciting changes to the weekly lottery draw

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Since 1997, our mission has always been the same – to raise funds for our partner charities, who care for people in their community when they need it most – and we are so grateful to all of our players for their continued support which really helps to fund this amazing care.

The demand for our partner charities’ services increases every year as does the cost of providing them, making every contribution more important than ever.

To help our charities even more, we are making some exciting changes to the weekly Lottery draw, which will raise additional funds for them and provide players with the opportunity to win more prizes.

These changes will take effect from Friday 2 December 2022, and include a new prize structure and a new Bonus Draw.

There will be more prizes available in the weekly draw, giving players the chance to win one of 135 guaranteed cash prizes every Friday:
Top prize of £1,000
4 x £25
130 x £10

Plus, the Rollover prize is increasing to £500, and if it’s not won, will keep rolling over by £500 increments until it reaches a maximum of £10,000. This also means that the current Rollover prize will be guaranteed to be won in the draw taking place on 25 November 2022, before the new Rollover prize of £500 starts the following week.

The new Bonus Draw will replace the weekly draw on the first Friday of May and November each year and have an additional prize of £5,000. Any players who would usually be in the weekly draw will automatically be entered into the Bonus Draw instead, with the opportunity to win an additional £5,000 guaranteed prize.